Climate Controlled Prices

  5x5    $69

 5x10   $99

10x10  $149

10x15  $199

10x20  $239

Non-Climate Controlled Prices

​   5x5    $49

  5x10   $74

10x10   $99

10x15   $139

10x20   $169

15x15   $189

10x25   $209

10x30   $239

15x20   $239

20x20   $269

Do you want that extra layer of protection when it comes to storage? Climate control is the way to go. Our climate controlled units not only protect from extreme heat and cold temperatures, but they protect from  the humidity as well as dust/dirt buildup over time.

Office Hours:

Mon-Fri 9am to 5:00pm

Closed for Lunch 12 to 1

Sat 9am to 12pm

Closed Sunday

What you see is what you pay, unlike some other places. We do not charge any deposits, administrative fees, application fees etc. The contract terms are month to month, so your belongings can stay as little or as long as you want.


Serving Waxahachie Since 1999